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Below we have compiled a list of the common questions that our Master Stone Mason is asked regarding our stone masonry service.

1. What is Stone Mason?

To answer this question we must first define stone masonry. Stone masonry is the construction of different types of structures, using natural stone of any type as the medium with which the construction is achieved. Once stone has been quarried, a stone masons will “dress” the stone. Certainly a lot of this processing is now done by machine, but the finishing has to have the human touch. The dressing will reveal stone that will be of the desired size and finish for whatever project is being undertaken be that; constructions of sandstone homes, retaining walls, stone cladding, sandstone fireplaces, paving or pool surrounds to name but a few.

2. What Type of Bricks does a Stone Masons Use?

Stone Masons don’t use bricks, we use blocks or slabs of natural stone that has been carved into the desired shape for construction. This can include various types of natural stone, the most common being sandstone.

3. Does Stonehenge Stonemasons Supply Masonry Blocks?

Stonehenge Stonemasons can supply you with masonry blocks and slabs for your stone work projects. Delivery of all stone mason supplies can be arranged Sydney wide.  We are also renowned in the industry for our quality workmanship in all types of stonework construction. From sandstone homes to stone walls, fireplaces and heritage restoration, we can do it all.

4. What Type of Stone Masonry is Your Speciality?

Stonehenge Stonemasons has over 30 years experience in all types of stone masonry & stone restoration including:

  • Sandstone Homes
  • Sandstone Churches & Other Architectural Structures
  • Retaining Walls (including sandstone retaining walls)
  • Decorative Stone Features
  • Stone Cladding
  • Stone Driveways, Paving & Pool Surrounds
  • Stone Fireplaces
  • Any stone structure with the emphasis on sandstone

5. Do You Build New Sandstone Homes?

Yes, Stonehenge Stonemasons Sydney has 30+ years in the construction of new sandstone homes or restorations of existing stone homes. Additions to existing stone homes is a particular speciality of Stonehenge’s masonry services.

6. Do You Offer a Stone Restoration or Heritage Reconstruction Service?

We do offer a restoration sevice, please refer to our gallery for some completed projects.

7. What Are Your Operating Hours?

Monday to Saturday 7:00am – 3.30pm. If you require our services outside of these times, please call us to discuss your needs.

8. What is The Best Type of Stone to Use in Masonry Work?

The type of stone used will depend on many factors and the project at hand. If you are undertaking any project in stone we provide a free consultative service which will save you both time and money prior to beginning your project. The best time to have all the options at hand is before we begin, simply contact our head stonemason, Aidan for an obligation-free quote and on-site analysis  on 0408 282 582.

9. Can I Use Sandstone Around My Pool?

Depending on the stone used and the type of pool you have, we will advise on the best stone to use for your pool surrounds and any other stone paving, walkway or driveways.

10. Will I Need to Waterproof My Stone Construction?

Sealing can be effective but it will depend on certain factors and the application of the stone. Please call Stonehenge Stonemasons Sydney if you have any questions, 0408 282 582.

“For Quality Stone Works & Stone Masonry Service, Call Stonehenge Stonemasons Sydney 0408 282 582″