Stone Retaining Walls Sydney

Sandstone Retaining Walls

Retaining walls add a whole new dimension to many home exteriors in Sydney. Sandstone makes a great feature wall, boundary fence and garden bed for any residential and commercial property because of its natural aesthetic touch and durability.

A good retaining wall greatly relies on the material used and its application. Whether it’s for structural or design purposes, it is best to consider materials that are professionally built and chosen to suit structural and design requirements. Slabs, blocks or natural stones such as sandstones are commonly recommended for their unique look and ability to tolerate tough outdoor environments.

Retaining walls have always a primary function of retention but this can be coupled with  outstanding beauty and Sydney sandstone brings both of these qualities together. A good retaining wall relies fundamentally on its construction and when it comes to longevity the materials chosen are of the utmost importance. Stone is not stone! Correctly selected, sandstone is at the top of the list and ticks all the boxes, it has a real natural beauty which is unmatched and only gets better with age.

As already stated it is of paramount importance that the construction of any wall be completed with a full understanding of function, and attention to detail. Do it once and do it properly! Efficient installation saves  time and costs and ensures a beautifully built stone wall that will stand the test of time. It is important to hire a skilled stone mason for this reason, one who understand your specific needs and is able to provide quality workmanship making all work and investment in your property.

With over 40 years of experience in stone masonry, Stonehenge Stonemasons are a recognised name in providing stone walls system throughout the Sydney region.

We offer complete, professional stone masonry services including a consultative service that is always going to save time and money for any chosen project. Assistance in planning, choosing of the right materials and quality masons will ensure that your project specifications are achieved.

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