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Sandstone Homes & Construction

Stone homes showcase pleasing characteristics and enhance the quality of life of Sydney home owners as it brings the natural setting directly into their living space.

No other building material in Sydney can equal our own sandstone  for beauty and timelessness. Since stone  is such an excellent natural feature, it is still one of the most favored architectural materials in many masonry projects including home construction.

Sydney sandstone has many pros when it comes to house construction. It is naturally beautiful, is extremely durable and has remarkable thermal mass to name but a few. It is graced with the flexibility that allows it to be cut and shaped with relative ease which ultimately opens it up to unlimited design choices. While it will require maintenance, it is minimal when compared with many other materials.

There are many ways to construct a stone home. Thinking outside the square there are endless options waiting to be explored many of which are not as cost prohibitive as one might initially think. With a clever combination of stone choice and proper design  one can easily achieve the dream of an affordable and unique sandstone home.

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Depending on architectural specifications, solid sandstone is preferred for its wide range of uses. It’s flexibility to easily conform any cuts or shape makes it an interesting choice for any design preferences. Aesthetic-wise, it looks perfectly appealing as it is with its historic and artistic qualities.

Being an industry leader in proving stone masonry services in Sydney for over 30 years, Stonehenge stonemason creates aesthetically satisfying stone houses. Our production team can work with strict, complex designs to achieve your specifications perfectly.

Our stone masonry services cover everything from choosing the most suitable stone to determining construction requirements, handling and safety installation.

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