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Sandstone Fireplaces

A fireplace reflects the warmth and coziness of a lovely home. It is essentially a space where family and friends gather around and savor the special, intimate moments. Being the highlight of a home space, the fireplace is expected to be an awesome eye-catcher that is built to provide a welcoming atmosphere in any home.

Sandstone fireplaces are a practical choice for both contemporary and classic homes in Sydney because of its capability to complement any design. Its natural aesthetic effect brings a unique, timeless setting that presents a relaxing mood in the living room.

Stone fireplaces do not only look great for the interiors, modern designs have introduced stone fireplaces that can be a part of patios and rooftops as well. Stone use for fireplaces are limitless and very ideal to go with almost any setting.

A nicely built stone fireplace is dependent on the choice of stone and shades. Fireplace stones should be beautifully cut and thoroughly arranged for a superb masonry finish. The objective in building a beautiful fireplace is having the shades, textures and setting blend perfectly together to carry the overall tone of the room.

Stonehenge Stonemasons creates state-of-the-art natural stone fireplaces made by skilled craftsmen.

We are a premium provider of high-end stone wall solutions and stone fireplaces for homes in Sydney. Check out our excellent selection of natural stone products available in different sizes, shapes, colours and textures that matches your aesthetic preferences.

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